“Top ICT Employer” 2015 will try to identify the preferred employers in the sector of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Bulgaria and to outline the leading trends in the management and development of this area.

Also during 2015 the survey will be conducted among Bulgarian and international companies in the telecommunications, IT and outsourcing sectors operating in our market. The survey is conducted according to the methodology of the specialized in HR audit company Audit Advice Associates (ААА)

The survey is conducted for forth consecutive year as an initiative of ICT Media and JobTiger.

“Top ICT Employer” explores employee engagement and satisfaction in the field of information and communication technologies.

Survey conducted in a particular industry allows achieving higher objectivity and comparability of the data and results among the participating companies.

Specialized book issue devoted to the results of the survey: Catalouge “Top ICT Employer 2015”

Find out more about the previous editions of the survey:

Winners for 2015:

    Accedia is ”TOP ICT Employer” of 2015. Second position in the final ranking took SiteGround and the third place is for the software company Comptel Communications. The other winners in the initiative of JobTiger and ICT Media, in the different categories are:

  • In category “Software development”:
    - Accedia
  • In category “IT services”:
    - SiteGround
  • In section “Outsourcing of IT services”:
    - 60K
  • In the category “Telecommunications”:
    - Ericsson Telecommunications Bulgaria
  • In the new section “Small companies up to 50 employees”:
    - OrangeDot
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What do you receive:

  • Network connectivity and evaluation of the interaction between the results of the company, the degree to which strategies, policies and procedures for human resources management integrated into the organization contribute to the key results of the company and the employee engagement;
  • Level of relevance of the 18 examined factors: engagement, training and development, career, salary and related benefits, communication, corporate culture, teamwork, leadership, understanding and acceptance of mission and vision, empowerment, recognition, corporate responsibility, knowledge management, supervision, work-life balance, quality, and focus on the customer and working environment;
  • Credibility and reliability of the results from the survey;
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