About the Project

The initiators of the project “Top ICT Employer” - JobTiger and ICT Media decided to pool their experience and competences to organize and make the ranking of the leading ICT companies in Bulgaria by commissioning the specialized in HR audit company, Audit Advice Associates (AAA) to develop the methodology and conduct the survey among the leading ICT employers.

Behind this decision is the conviction that the IT, telecommunications and outsourcing industries are among the fastest growing sectors with high value-added products and services, and as such have a major role and importance for the economic development of Bulgaria.

Jobs in the sector of information and communication technologies /ICT/ are, not only among the most preferred, but also in the ICT sector there is a chronic lack of qualified professionals.

That is the reason ICT Media and JobTiger, believe that the annual survey and ranking of the leading companies in the information and communication technologies /ICT/ sector can outline the key issues and opportunities for development in the sector, and also to be of great importance and benefit to both sides of the labor market - job applicants and the companies offering jobs in the sector.

For fourth consecutive year, these “hot” issues will be subject of the round table discussion which will be held in October 13, 2015 and will raise ideas and proposals for solutions.

The project includes the following components.

  1. Survey
  2. Round tablee
  3. Award ceremony
  4. Book issue

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