After the “round table” will be held an award ceremony for bestowing the winners in the different categories of “Top ICT Employer” 2015:

  • Telecommunications: (ISP, hosting, VPN connectivity, fixed telephony, mobile telephony, TV programs and video conference services, etc.);
  • Software development: (development of own systems, applications and web sites);
  • Production and assembling of hardware: (computers, equipment, cash registers, etc.);
  • Sales of software, hardware and communications systems to end customers: (including: computer equipment, office equipment, cash registers, UPS, communication equipment from non-operator class like LAN hardware, firewalls, operating systems, applications, etc.);
  • System integration: (complex integration of hardware, network equipment, software, services);
  • Distribution of software, hardware and communications systems: (sale of IT products to dealers);
  • IT services outsourcing: (outsourcing services, processes and activities in the IT sector);
  • IT services: (other IT services including operation of specific IT systems, financial, information, online advertising, etc.).

Registration for the round table and award ceremony

One of the awarded companies will receive the prize Top ICT Employer of 2015.

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  2. Round table
  3. Award ceremony
  4. Book issue

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